Cutting tasks programmed to deliver higher throughput

Offline Robot Programming produces accurate, error-free cutting paths Consistency, throughput, and speed are important in the manufacturing process. Repetitive tasks like cutting materials are being done more often by robots to improve production times while reducing the amount of tedious tasks performed by employees. OCTOPUZ enables your exact, real-world cell to be simulated onscreen and cutting applications to be programmed quickly and void of errors so you can fully utilize your robots and ensure high levels of productivity.


  • Tilt all positions forward, backward or sideways
  • Increase or decrease the number of path positions or spacing points
  • Compensate for tool width
  • Control cutting depths or stand offs for end of arm tooling
  • Automatically chain edges for entire length of toolpath
  • Quickly modify tool orientation for entire path to avoid errors
  • NC Import and Tool Manager

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